SUPER exciting! My precious tools and materials from home finally arrived my house in Hawaii!!! YAY~ So happy unpacking and organizing them this morning. Tada!! Introduce you the Fyntage’s little studio in draft 😀

I can’t wait to start working on new jewelry that’s been dancing in my head. Thank you my dear family. I love you so much. xoxo

放鞭炮慶祝啊!終於終於睽違多時的工具和材料回到我身邊了。殷殷盼盼的iphone也到手啦~整整三大箱!!真的非常感謝在台灣的家人幫忙包裝和運送,大姐謝謝妳~爸爸謝謝你!我愛妳們+超級想念你們啊!!!!今天一早開心整理古董蕾絲,羽毛,寶石等材料。話說在美國買這些工具可是貴鬆鬆~還是慣用的老朋友們拿手啊。Fyntage 招牌遠渡重洋來到夏威夷囉,懷念嗎?小工作室雛形…興奮中!






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