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Sunset in Maui is always my favorite reward after a hard day work.

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Before Sunset

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Viking Knit

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When working with wires, always has millions possibilities waiting for you to discover. Recently I created two tones wire-knit bracelets collection, colorful choices for this Fall. Today I tried to flatten out the tube and combined a chunky raw quartz into a statement ring. Very happy with the result. It came out great and perfect for night out, very eye-catching. Will add them to Fyntage shop after my durability test. 🙂

more handmade modern earthy jewelry 

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Layer upon layer

Layers upon layers

Layers necklace is on trend now, so I create a series of long and short necklaces which can stack together freely, super fun and chic 🙂

層次項鍊今年春夏開始流行!搭配自由性讓長短層次項鍊成為每日穿搭的最佳配件,所以我做了一系列天然石長項鍊和短項鍊,適合單戴,穿差搭配每天都有不同的好心情 🙂

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Fresh Blood

Introduce you new cool friends I met in Lahaina. Thank you Josh for all the words you have said. It’s a strong courage I need right now. C’est la vie. @dragon’s teeth
今天賞鯨完一路北開直到路的盡頭,我停好車踏上青嫩的綠草地往海的方向走去。就在那懸涯海際,我遇見三位以行動表達對生命的狂熱的青年藝術家們。謝謝你們的話語鼓勵我繼續實踐夢想,這條路其實並不孤獨。@dragon’s teeth